Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+ Upright Vacuum Cleaner


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Featuring powerful suction, an easy-to-move design, and a versatile cleaner head, the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+ Upright Vacuum Cleaner lets you take out dirt, dust, and allergens from different flooring types to easily maintain a fresh and clean household.

Key Features

  • Dyson Radial Cyclone technology for optimum suction power
  • Streamlined, Ball profile to provide enhanced manoeuvrability during clean-ups
  • Thorough filtration setup helps keep allergens away from your interior’s atmosphere
  • Sealed suction across carpets and hard surfaces via self-adjusting cleaner head

What's In The Box?

  • 1x Combination Tool
  • 1x Stair Tool
  • 1x Carbon Fibre Soft Dusting Brush

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+ Features

Patented Dyson Radial Cyclone™ technology Helps remove more dirt, dust and allergens from the home.
  • Ball™ technology: Rides on a ball. Streamlined profile for even easier steering around the home.
  • Instant release high reach wand: Our hose and wand release in one smooth action, making it easy to clean up high
  • Advanced filtration: Captures allergens and expels cleaner air.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head: Self-adjusting cleaner head seals in suction across carpets and hard floors.

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